Have you ever heard of Sole water? Drink Warm Salt Water Every Day

The role of unrefined, natural salts in stimulating stomach acid cannot be downplayed. The stomach is designed to secrete hydrochloric acid, which kills pathogens such as harmful bacteria, fungi and yeast. It also renders protein as more digestible. People with low stomach acid are therefore unable to digest these proteins, which can remain in the stomach and cause gas, bloating and food allergies.

When undigested food begins to accumulate in an unhealthy stomach, heartburn and reflux occurs. This is because the food sits so long in the stomach that it begins to ferment (gross!). It then produces gases, introduces new strains of potentially harmful yeast into the digestive tract, and creates secondary acids which contribute to heartburn.

When people begin to suffer from these symptoms, their first step is often to reach for the antacids. But as this 2008 study shows, by increasing the stomach’s pH, antacids further interfere with the digestive capacity of the stomach. This leads to a further reduction in digestion of proteins, increases food allergy potential and really just makes the situation a whole lot worse.

The wonder of warm salt water is that it helps to resolve this problem of poor digestion by supporting the stomach’s natural function, rather than impeding it. Just another reason why conventional “health” products often make situations far more complicated that they need to be!

Warm salt water also stimulates secretions in the intestinal tract and liver that help with digestion. Regular consumption of Sole can help with regularity and increase nutrient absorption, as well.

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